‘Piano 2013’ – Acrylic on canvas – 42 x 31″ All rights reserved Bizzo

Bizzo’s new piano, painted in store, is the most vibrant and animated piece we’ve seen… we call it Dancing Piano.


Introducing Paulrose Products by Brandon Svarc

Introducing Paulrose Products by Brandon Svarc

Enough said. Mr. Svarc’s genius brain has unearthed and relaunched his grandpapa’s brand of work-wear inspired denim. available in 15 & 17 oz, indigo, black, slim, and heritage fits.
The dangerously low-tension weave makes this pair easier to wear in.

Crome Yellow

Welcome to Crome Yellow! This is our temporary website. Come check out our store at 207 Abbott Street in Gastown, Vancouver. Check out the About page for store hours.

You can email us at info@cromeyellow.ca, or call us at 604.566.9215. Thank you!

TheJohnFraser Artwork

We’ve had the pleasure of featuring TheJohnFraser’s artwork in our shop for a little while now. Garnering much deserved attention and admiration, the artwork has complimented the colours of our store quite beautifully. For more info, check out TheJohnFraser’s website.